The grand city in the hills, Luxdale is the capitol city of the region. Ruled by Humans, this city holds little love for the other races due to the disrespect other races give to human. The government is controlled by three Ministers. Victor, Banks, and Albert. The humans who live here worship the Platinum Dragon Bahamut, and are dedicated to the destruction of evil. Recently, the city has engaged in covert warfare with the Tiefling city, Darkstone.


Hidden behind a magical sandstorm, Darkstone is the Tiefling hometown. Before the sandstorm, Darkstone was a city where any scholar who wished to know about Arcana could go. Now, the Tieflings have blocked any other race from that knowledge. Many spies have been dispersed throughout the region, and they all report back to this city.


Carved into the mountains, Tormun is the noble home of the dwarves. King Ironhouse rules the city, and commands his elites to protect it. The recent expansions of the city has lead to war with the Shadowleaf Elves in the forest nearby. Since the aggression between Luxdale and Darkstone, Tormun’s gates have been shut.

Far Water

A costal city that used to serve as a trade route between Dagger Bay and Darkstone, is now a port mainly used by pirates. Having little law enforcement, crime is an everyday event in this city.

Dagger Bay

The port city of Dagger Bay is the main import and export of the region. The city is heavily guarded, but beyond the shores pirates do as they please. The port is also the home to the notorious ship, Dog’s Fury.


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