Darkstone Shades

Tiefling spies have been planted all over the region, collecting information and bringing it back to Drakstone. They are rarely seen, and will stop at nothing to get the information they seek or stay unknown.

Brotherhood of Erathis

The main church of the world has its own personal army. The Brotherhood of Erathis have only one outpost in this region though. Bentford is a small lakeside town that has one church dedicated to Erathis. A small group of Paladins are stationed here. They relay information to the larger branches from this outpost.

Knights of Luxdale

Sworn protecters of Luxdale, these knights vanquish evil where ever they go. Worshiping Bahamut, they work side by side with the bigger church of Erathis. They are presently working to destroy Tiefling spies where ever they can.

Ironhouse’s Elite

These are the most fierce warriors of Tormun. They lead the battles against the elves, and have been locked in combat for years now. They are also sworn to defend the King at all costs.

Dog’s Fury Pirates

The largest ship in Dagger Bay is named “Dog’s Fury”. Although there is only one “Dog’s Fury”, the crew of these pirates span over many ships and ports. Mostly known for their ruthless ways, the pirates can always be found working to get some kind of reward. It’s best to stay out of their way.

Great Forest Merc Co.

Although they aren’t necessarily a true faction, mercenaries of the Great Forest have an agreement with other mercenaries; they will fight together against any threat presented in the forest together. Mercenaries range from highwaymen, to honest bodyguards.

Shadowleaf Elves

Shadowleaf Elves consider themselves the only beings the forest “allows” to reside in it. Zealous, these elves will protect the forest with their lives. Recently, dwarves have been encroaching into the forest, and a war has started between the two factions.


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