War of The Gods

In ancient times, the Gods ruled over all the races in harmony. The eldest of Bahamut’s son, Tiamat wanted to exceed his fathers power, and betrayed him and the other gods. Corrupting the children of his brother and sister, he lead a rebellion against Bahamut. Championing the ancient race, the Dragonborn, they lead an attack against all other races, enslaving them or destroying them. Tiamat inspired the Dragonborn until they had total world domination. Tiamat had gained enough power, and as a show of this power, defeated his father.

The Dragonborn were a prideful race, and after many years of tyranny, decided to exalt a clan of elves that were particularly loyal. With the help of the tricky Elven Divine, Sehanine, the exalted elves, known now as Eladrin, positioned themselves in Dragonborn society, until they led a rebellion against their enslavers. Catching them of guard, and with the help of the gods, the Eladrin rebels united the world against Tiamat, and fought back.

The Dwarven King Moradin fought against the corrupted orcs of Gruumsh, and held the line into the dwarven capital for two weeks until reinforcements arrived. In an act of desperation, Gruumsh manifested to the battle and rallied his forces. The courageous King Moradin engaged the god in melee combat. With the blessing of Pelor, he bested the god, banishing him from the realm. For his actions, Pelor granted him the power of a god. He was exalted to Avatar, and joined the fight against Tiamat.

Moradin had a brother, who was always jealous of him. His name was Tharizdun. Making a deal with Tiamat, Tharizdun became a god, and challenged his brother to a duel. Moradin, unwilling to kill his brother, fought until Tharizdun fled.

Erathis, son of Bahamut and brother of Tiamat, was devastated at the loss of his father. In an vital battle during the war, Erathis and his son Bane, meet Tiamat. Before they engaged, Tiamat revealed that he had corrupted even Erathis’ own son. Bane then attacked with Tiamat. Erathis fought for hours against his brother and son. Growing tired, Erathis prayed to his father, and Bahamut bestowed power upon him. With the power of Bahamut, Erathis defeated Bane and Tiamat.

Moradin helped defeat the Tiamat threat, and tracked down his brother. When he found him, Tharizdun was trying to create a spell that would shatter the world. Unable to forgive or reason with him, the Avatar imprisoned him for eternity.

With their leader defeated, the Dragonborn were scattered. The Eladrin, wanting to rid the world of them forever, hunted the Dragonborn until they were completely wiped out. Restored to power, the gods helped rebuild the world. With Bahamut defeated, Erathis used his power to fill his fathers role as leader of the gods.


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